Reducing Pain – Restoring Life

Since 2012, North Atlanta Spine & Pain Care has treated over 5000 patients. They are conveniently located to serve patients in East Cobb and north Atlanta. Their primary goal is to determine the cause of the pain and to treat the patients’ pain in a patient centric manner, achieving the best results we can while working as a team with our patients. The more severe the pain, the more people worry it requires surgery to be treated. Fortunately, the vast majority of patients with back and neck pain do not need surgery, even if the pain is severe extending down the nerves of the arms or legs. Neck and back pain are often the result after car accidents. From workplace injuries, sports, car wrecks, trauma and illness, the team North Atlanta Spine & Pain Care are experts in caring for your type of injuries.

Dr. Jonathan Newton, MD, PhD left his successful anesthesiology career at Northside Hospital to begin this pain management clinic to make a difference in the lives of patients and to restore quality of life as best as possible. It is critical  patients understand they don’t have to live with pain. Today with many medical advances, patients have many options for treating neck, disc and spinal pain.

“Pain is the leading cause for stopping people working and engaging in the life activities that are important, and I gain such personal satisfaction from being able to help reduce my patients pain to improve their life as well as the lives of those around that patient.  I get to develop meaningful relationships with the people I help,”

– Dr. Jonathan Newton. 

The mission at North Atlanta Spine and Pain Care is to accurately diagnose and treat pain conditions relating to the spine or any part of the body in a safe, courteous and considerate environment. Our physician and staff provide individualized care to each patient, beginning with a comprehensive initial evaluation, comprehensive diagnostic workup, and a tailored therapeutic regimen. We treat all our patients with respect and address all concerns in a timely manner, striving to decrease the need for surgery and medication in controlling pain.

Take a look at Dr. Newton’s career and our staff who are here to put you on the road to recovery. Don’t waste any more time suffering, contact North Atlanta Spine & Pain Care today and start feeling better.