As you begin your journey of managing your pain, it is important you choose to work with a team you can trust. At North Atlanta Spine & Pain Care, all of the procedures used by Dr. Jonathan Newton are minimally invasive and performed by utilizing small needles in our medical office. These treatments are done as an outpatient setting. North Atlanta Spine & Pain Care cares about offering the right treatment with a quality treatment plan to achieve the desired results. They are not owned by a hospital and are not affiliated with a surgical center; therefore, their procedures typically won’t need preauthorization. Our procedures are significantly less expensive due to no hospital overhead. This is important if your deductible is not met or if you have a high co-pay.

Take A Look At Our Medical Services

  • Medication Management – North Atlanta Spine & Pain Care manages a variety of medication and injection treatments to alleviate your suffering.
  • Conditions We Treat – Pain plagues more Americans than the top medical issues including cancer. North Atlanta Spine & Pain Care is here to treat many neck and back pain symptoms.
  • Pain After A Car Wreck – Don’t let injuries from a wreck plague you for the rest of your life. Take steps to alleviate further damage.

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“Dr. Newton was absolutely fantastic with my Dad. The entire staff was very compassionate, caring and easy to deal with throughout his care. From the moment they started caring for him, they were able to keep my dad pain free until the day he died, for which we are eternally grateful. I highly recommend North Atlanta Spine and Pain Care!”

– Dianne DaLee

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