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Handling Pain After a Car Wreck

According to the National Safety Council, 2016 data shows approximately 40,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes last year.  That was an increase of 6% from 2015. This data shows 2016 was the deadliest year on the roads since 2007. They also estimate 4.6 million people are seriously injured in accidents as well. The cost […]

Foods Can Help Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Millions of people live with pain every day in the U.S. These effects of pain cause people to alter their daily routines. Pain management can also add a tremendous level of financial burden to one’s life as well. Many researchers are looking at food as another way to help manage pain the body. There are […]

Is There a Link Between Pain and Obesity?

Americans are becoming a society of everything fast and instant from news to food. According to the Gazette Review, the U.S. ranks #10 as the fattest country with Kuwait as #1 , Saudi Arabia as #2 and Belize as #3. This fast and instant lifestyle can lead to additional stress on the body along with […]

New Research May Stop and Reverse Disc Pain Degeneration

Americans spend more than $100 billion a year to treat low back pain,” said Dr. Jason Huang, MD, chairman of neurosurgery for Baylor Scott & White Health Center. That price may start to come down and lower back pain degeneration may decrease as new research is being presented to aid those suffering from low back disc pain. This potential […]